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Divorce may be hard on adult children, too

No matter how young or old two parents are when they get divorced, their children are affected by the process. The reality is that gray divorce -- the breakup of couples who are 50 years old or older -- is on the rise throughout the United States, including in Montana. Here are a few tips for minimizing the negative impact of divorce on adult children.

First, it is critical that the parents who are getting divorced avoid badmouthing the other party in front of the children. Unlike young children, adult children who are cognizant of what is happening during the divorce likely have loving relationships with both parents having grown up with both of them -- a privilege denied to many children today. The disparaging behavior may unfortunately destroy the adult children's relationships with the parent who is being badmouthed.

In addition, the parent doing the criticizing may later find that his or her children resent him or her for this behavior. This is especially true if the children were close to the other party. Ultimately, the adult children's relationships with both parents may be damaged.

Although divorce can understandably be emotionally challenging, two spouses going through it in Montana may make the process easier by tackling their issues at the negotiation table rather than at trial. Through informal negotiations, they can work toward a settlement agreement that reflects both of their wishes and needs, without further court intrusion. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to make sure that one's rights and best interests are protected during this type of family law proceeding.

Source:, "Parenting Your Adult Children During A Divorce", April 11, 2018

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