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More baby boomers seeking divorce due to mindset shift

The dissolution of a marriage is a complicated life event that may be necessary no matter how long or short of a time a couple has been married. However, divorce is becoming increasingly common among those who have been married for decades -- in other words, baby boomers. Here's a look at why more baby boomers in Montana and elsewhere are getting divorced today than they did in the past.

At the start of the 20th century, couples united in marriage with the expectation that they would love each other and fulfill their responsibilities toward each other. However, when social unrest erupted in the 1960s, some people entered marriage with different expectations. Many baby boomers at that time started to view their self-actualization as a top goal in their individual lives.

As a result of this transformation in thinking, marriages quickly became self-development and self-empowerment sites for several couples. This thinking persists today. Therefore, if one spouse feels unfulfilled at any time in a marriage, it is viewed as reasonable for the spouse to pursue a divorce.

Unfortunately, irreconcilable differences may sometimes drive married couples apart whether they are 25 or 65. However, if two spouses are willing to find common ground when it comes to matters such as alimony and property division, they may be able to achieve a divorce settlement without further court intrusion. An attorney can provide the direction needed to navigate a divorce proceeding in Montana and attain the most personally beneficial outcome possible considering the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

Source:, "Why are so many baby boomers getting divorced?", Jocelyn Elise Crowley, May 21, 2018

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