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How long divorce takes depends on the couple

When two people have decided to end their marriage, the last thing they want is to remain stuck together longer than they have to be. The faster they can complete the divorce process, the better. Here is a glimpse at a couple of divorce process options that couples have in Montana and how long they may take.

The best situation in divorce is for both parties to try to find common ground when it comes to issues such as the distribution of assets, alimony, child support and child custody. In this scenario, they may benefit from pursuing a negotiated settlement. During this divorce process, the attorneys of both spouses usually make telephone calls and send letters to one another in an effort to reach an agreement on each piece of their divorce puzzle.

If negotiating a settlement proves to be unsuccessful, the couple can go to traditional divorce trial. At trial, a judge will end up ruling on the issues on which the couple cannot agree. Unfortunately, the judge's decision may not necessarily be in alignment with what one or both spouses would have wanted.

Exactly how long does the divorce process last in these situations? It ultimately depends on the couple. The divorce process may last a few months if two spouses are relatively harmonious and thus decide on their divorce's terms quickly as part of a negotiated settlement. However, it may take much longer with litigation, as a court date has to be set. An attorney in Montana can provide the guidance needed to navigate either process as quickly as possible and in the most personally beneficial manner possible.

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