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More women paying child support, alimony following divorce

In years past, men were oftentimes the ones responsible for covering child support and alimony. Now, the tables have turned. More female breadwinners today are paying for their ex-spouses than ever before following divorce proceedings in Montana and elsewhere.

A recent survey indicated that 45 percent of attorneys had witnessed a rise in women having to pay alimony over the last three years. In addition, 54 percent had recently witnessed an increase in women paying child support. This may come as no surprise considering that women are now occupying more higher-paying job roles and thus are generating more income than they once did.

In fact, mothers today are the main breadwinners in four in 10 families in the United States. Still, during the divorce process, many highly paid women are surprised that they will have to pay alimony and/or child support, as this goes against tradition. Just three percent of the nearly 400,000 recipients of alimony back in 2010 were male, but this is quickly changing as women continue to claim college degrees and earn more income.

Child support and alimony are a couple of major sticking points during the divorce process in Montana. When it comes to post-divorce support, the paying spouse may naturally be concerned about being required to pay an unreasonably high amount of support. Meanwhile, the recipient spouse may be worried about not receiving the amount of support needed to support himself or herself as well as the children. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to make sure that one's rights and best interests are protected when addressing support issues as part of a divorce proceeding in Montana.

Source:, "More women are now paying alimony and child support", Meera Jagannathan, May 17, 2018

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