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Unrealistic lifestyle plans following divorce a common mistake

Every marital breakup is different because the couples going through marital dissolutions have their own unique needs and challenges. Nonetheless, certain mistakes are frequently made during divorce proceedings in Montana, especially those involving money. One such mistake is having unrealistic post-divorce lifestyle expectations.

Decisions regarding who should remain in the family home -- or whether selling the house would be best -- have real, practical and emotional implications. Oftentimes, they have major financial implications for the two parties. However, housing is only one of several lifestyle decisions that couples face when divorce happens.

Unfortunately, many divorcing individuals expect their post-divorce lifestyles to be similar to their pre-divorce lifestyles. In fact, many desire to maintain their pre-divorce lifestyles for the sake of the children. After all, they may not want to give up their annual beach vacations and lavish birthday celebrations with the children, for example. The problem with this is that divorcing parents might be ignoring the monetary implications or trade-offs necessary to afford their current lifestyle expenses.

A financial advisor can help a divorcing spouse to develop a realistic picture of what he or she can afford following the marital breakup. Likewise, an attorney in Montana can provide guidance on how to address financial-related divorce matters, such as asset distribution and alimony, in the most personally beneficial manner possible. The attorney's ultimate goal is to make sure that the client's rights are protected and that his or her best interests are upheld during each stage of the divorce proceeding.

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