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July 2018 Archives

Dividing your legacy ranch: Getting the right valuation

Getting a divorce is difficult in its own right, but one of the major problems people have in Montana is seeking a proper valuation of their ranches. Ranches are unique, so no simple guidelines can determine what each one is worth. Values depend on what the ranch does, how big it is, its popularity and other factors.

Seeking advice in forming a strategy during divorce in Montana

Certain changes in life can be difficult to predict, and even more challenging to plan for. Individuals in Montana who are going through a divorce may feel somewhat unnerved by the process and uncertain how the outcome will affect their lives. Since a divorce will inherently have an impact on one's future, a person may find it beneficial to take certain measures to become better prepared for the process.

Car accidents: 1 suffers serious injuries in recent crash

While distracted and drunk driving are some of the most common hazards a person may face while out on the road, other scenarios can also pose a threat to one's safety, such as encountering an inexperienced driver. Drivers who lack the necessary experience may be less prepared to handle a variety of driving scenarios, which could increase the odds that car accidents will occur. A recent accident in Montana has caused significant damage to two vehicles and left a woman in the hospital.

Car accidents: Drunk driver hits and injures 2 pedestrians

Even while traveling via the sidewalk, pedestrians may face a variety of potential hazards when walking near traffic. Reacting in time to avoid a fast-moving vehicle that veers off the road can be challenging, and those who become involved in pedestrian-related car accidents could unfortunately suffer serious harm in the process. A recent collision involving a suspected drunk driver has reportedly caused two pedestrians to suffer serious injuries in Montana.

Car accidents often blamed on speeding, drug and alcohol use

Two people lost their lives in a recent tragic car accident in Montana. The car crash involved a single vehicle. These types of car accidents can easily take place due to the carelessness of an individual, which is grounds for a personal injury claim.

Divorce impacts child's eligibility for college financial aid

Dissolving a marriage is never easy, both emotionally and financially. However, divorce can be even tougher for those try to figure it out while simultaneously figuring out how to send their teenager to college. Here is a look at what divorcing parents should know when preparing to send a child to college in Montana.

Is divorce the right choice for you?

It is not unusual for married couples to have their ups and downs. Relationships take work, which means that not every day is going to be perfect wedded bliss. However, if things have gotten to the point where you are starting to consider divorce, then it might be time to make a choice about possibly ending your marriage.

Amusement park rides carry high risk for personal injury

For many Montana families, a trip to a fair, carnival, or amusement park can be one of the highlights of summer. From the delicious snacks to the roller coasters, there is something for everyone to enjoy. While most people likely assume that the rides and attractions have been inspected and deemed safe, this is often not the case. Amusement rides can be an accident waiting to happen and, with little oversight, sometimes lead to serious personal injury