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Amusement park rides carry high risk for personal injury

For many Montana families, a trip to a fair, carnival, or amusement park can be one of the highlights of summer. From the delicious snacks to the roller coasters, there is something for everyone to enjoy. While most people likely assume that the rides and attractions have been inspected and deemed safe, this is often not the case. Amusement rides can be an accident waiting to happen and, with little oversight, sometimes lead to serious personal injury

Amusement rides are often classified into two categories. Fixed-site parks remain in one permanent location year-round. Mobile carnivals travel around from location to location. While there is some federal oversight for mobile carnivals, Montana itself has no regulations or oversight at all. In 2016, emergency rooms across the nation reported over 30,000 injuries caused by amusement attractions.

Families likely do not consider that a trip to an amusement park or carnival may result in serious personal injury or death, but each year, the numbers seem to be increasing. When there is no oversight on the part of the state, parents should be aware that even if a ride looks safe, it may not be. Even attractions like slides can be dangerous, as a young child was decapitated by a water slide due to a design flaw.

Many times, especially in states with no oversight, it is up to the park itself to regulate safety and investigate incidents. When a loved one gets injured by a ride or attraction, families may not know what to do next. In many cases, it can be helpful to consider speaking to an attorney that specializes in personal injury claims. An attorney may have the knowledge necessary to help families seek compensation for things like medical bills, funeral expenses and any applicable damages to which they may be entitled. 

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