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Car accidents: 1 suffers serious injuries in recent crash

While distracted and drunk driving are some of the most common hazards a person may face while out on the road, other scenarios can also pose a threat to one's safety, such as encountering an inexperienced driver. Drivers who lack the necessary experience may be less prepared to handle a variety of driving scenarios, which could increase the odds that car accidents will occur. A recent accident in Montana has caused significant damage to two vehicles and left a woman in the hospital.

The accident reportedly took place on a recent Saturday afternoon as a woman was traveling east in her car. While attempting to maneuver a left-turn, the driver of a westbound truck turned right into her path. Although authorities assert that tire marks in the road indicated the woman attempted to brake, she was ultimately unable to avoid collision, and both vehicles were damaged severely in the process.

The woman suffered serious injuries in the crash, and after being extracted from her vehicle, she was airlifted to the hospital for medical care. The other driver, who was a 15-year-old male operating on a learner's permit, was given a citation. Those who experience serious harm under similar circumstances may wish to pursue accountability accordingly, but they might need guidance in navigating the process.

Individuals who wish to pursue restitution for damages following serious car accidents may find it advisable to seek assistance early in the process. By speaking with a personal injury attorney, a person in Montana could obtain some much-needed advice on how best to proceed. An attorney can assist a client in pursuing restitution through a claim against the party deemed responsible, and if the culpable party is a minor, assist in pursuing a claim against all parties that may bear financial responsibility.

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