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September 2018 Archives

Collect this evidence after a commercial truck accident

A truck accident on one of our long stretches of Montana highway can cause massive damage and injuries, leaving the victims with months of treatment and painful recovery and taking them away from their jobs. The longer the recovery takes, the higher the medical bills and other expenses may pile up, while the victims do not have the ability to bring in income to cover additional costs, let alone pay for typical living expenses.

Car accidents: Speeding and impairment suspected in fatal crash

Impairment and excessive speeding are two of the most common causes of collisions. When the two are combined, the chances car accidents will take place may increase substantially, and collisions that occur under similar circumstances can have dire consequences. A recent collision in Montana has reportedly left two individuals with serious injuries and killed a 20-year-old woman.

Drowsy driving increases the risk of car accidents in Montana

While there are many scenarios in which a collision can occur, one of the most dangerous hazards a person in Montana might encounter on the road is a fatigued driver. Drowsy drivers can exhibit similar behaviors as those who operate a vehicle while impaired or distracted, and car accidents involving drowsy drivers can have dire consequences. To avoid a similar incident, it could prove helpful to know the circumstances that can lead to driver fatigue.

Car accidents: Left-turn collision sends 1 to hospital in Montana

Far too many collisions take place at intersections when drivers fail to spot an oncoming vehicle prior to navigating a left-hand turn. Those who encounter such a sudden maneuver may be left with inadequate time to brake or swerve to avoid collision, and left-turn car accidents can have catastrophic results. A driver was rushed to a medical facility after being trapped in a car after a collision that occurred at an intersection in Montana.

Car accidents: Multiple-car collision injures 4 in Montana

In some cases, a rear-end collision could be a lesser incident that causes little more than minor damage to all vehicles involved. However, sometimes similar car accidents can prove more dangerous and could leave the occupants of a vehicle with serious injuries. A recent rear-end accident that occurred in Montana has reportedly left multiple individuals hospitalized with unknown injuries.

Car accidents: Head-on crash injures several, kills 1 in Montana

When a vehicle drifts into an oncoming lane of traffic, the chances that a potentially dangerous collision will take place increase substantially. Head-on car accidents tend to be some of the most devastating incidents that can occur, and the safety of those who encounter such negligence might be placed at risk in the process. A recent collision that took place in Montana has left several with injuries and claimed the life of a 34-year-old man.

Researching ways to co-parent effectively following a divorce

Upon making the decision to dissolve a marriage, parents in Montana may have concerns about how such a major life change will impact their kids. For parents, protecting the well-being and best interests of the kids are crucial areas to address during divorce. This could leave some parents in search of advice on ways to co-parent effectively once the process is finalized.