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Car accidents: Chain-reaction crash kills 1, injures 2

When a vehicle veers off course and into the wrong lane of traffic, the chances that a serious collision will occur is ever-present. Car accidents involving wrong-way drivers can have catastrophic results, and the lives of all parties involved may be placed in harm's way in the process. One person has been killed and two others were injured in a recent accident involving three vehicles in Montana.

Law enforcement agents advised the incident took place on a recent Monday as a southbound van suddenly veered through a turn lane and into the path of oncoming traffic. The van reportedly proceeded to sideswipe a nearby vehicle before continuing on and eventually hitting a truck head-on. The driver of the van reportedly died at the scene, and the drivers of the second vehicle and the truck both suffered injuries and were rushed to a hospital.

Although an investigation into the crash is underway, it remains unclear what might have caused the driver of the van to cross into an oncoming lane. Authorities have advised that they are uncertain whether impairment or excessive speeding could have been contributing factors. Should the man be deemed at fault in the crash, which is likely, the surviving victims may wish to exercise their rights to pursue accountability through civil court.

With the extensive costs of medical treatment, those who suffer serious injuries in car accidents involving negligent drivers may face significant financial hardships. Those who encounter such hardships could choose to consult with an attorney for assistance in pursuing restitution through a personal injury claim. Should the party at fault die in the collision, an attorney in Montana can assist a client in pursuing compensation through a claim against the estate of the deceased.

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