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Pedestrians at greater risk of suffering injury in car accidents

Pedestrians in Montana and elsewhere may face a variety of hazards while walking close to traffic. Without the barriers provided by other forms of transportation, those who walk from place to place are much more susceptible to suffering serious harm when car accidents take place. While preventing every collision can be a lofty goal, there are steps pedestrians can take that may help lower the odds of a dangerous event.

Much like their driving counterparts, pedestrians may also benefit from understanding the risks of walking while distracted. Staying alert and maintaining focus while walking can help a person better prepare to react to a variety of scenarios. As such, studies suggest that pedestrians may find it advisable to avoid wearing headphones or reading or writing text messages while traveling via the sidewalk.

Although crosswalks are intended to provide pedestrians with a safe place to cross a street, one may find it helpful to be aware of nearby vehicles prior to navigating a crosswalk. Assuming that a driver will heed the right of way is never advisable, and in some cases, a driver may simply fail to spot a person in time to stop. Pedestrians may also benefit from finding ways to be more visible to drivers, such as wearing bright clothing and being mindful of blind spots and objects that may obstruct vision.

Pedestrian-related car accidents can have disastrous results. Those who suffer major injuries due to another person's actions may wish to know more about their available options for legal recourse. By consulting with an experienced attorney, a person in Montana could obtain much-needed guidance on how to pursue the full amount of restitution entitled through a personal injury claim.

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