Issues that contribute to the recent rise in gray divorce

There are a variety of scenarios in which married couples in Montana and elsewhere might consider taking separate paths in life. Many of these issues may affect couples of nearly every age group. However, there are certain concerns that are more prevalent among older couples, and studies suggest these forms of conflict have contributed to the recent rise in gray divorce.

Disagreements over finances can impact a relationship substantially. Although this can be an issue for couples of any age, those who are closing in on retirement could feel they have more on the line. Disputes over spending habits or disagreements pertaining to the management of marital finances can take a toll on a relationship. Debts can also be a major concern for older couples and periods of financial struggle could increase the likelihood of conflict in a marriage.

Studies also suggest that increases to life expectancy and greater access to health care benefits may also contribute to the rise of later-in-life divorce. According to experts, many individuals may feel less reluctant to consider dissolving a marriage later in life, as they may feel they still have ample time to find happiness. Studies also indicate that after years or even decades of marriage, some couples may simply drift apart.

Regardless of what motivates a couple to consider taking separate paths, divorce can still be a stressful and emotional process. With the impact a similar life change can have on one’s future, a person could find it beneficial to consult with a family law attorney early in the process for guidance in preparing for what comes next. An attorney can provide a client in Montana with advice on what to expect from the process and assist him or her in forming a strategy to pursue the best outcome achievable during divorce proceedings.