Car accidents: Multiple-vehicle crash injures 5 in Montana

Individuals who operate a vehicle while impaired are inherently less capable of handling a variety of driving scenarios. The ability to judge distances is an essential component of driving, and those who cannot perform similar tasks run a greater risk of causing car accidents to occur. As many as five individuals were injured after a suspected drunk driver caused a multiple-vehicle collision in Montana.

The accident is said to have taken place on a recent Monday at around 6 p.m. According to reports, the crash occurred when the driver of a westbound car failed to slow down for a sudden stoppage in traffic. The car reportedly slammed into the back of a nearby truck, subsequently forcing the truck to launch forward and collide with a third vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders say they transported as many as four people to the hospital for treatment of injuries suffered. According to reports, a fifth person was also admitted into a medical facility later on after claiming to have developed symptoms of neck and back pain. An investigation into the crash has been initiated and authorities have advised that impairment may have been a contributing factor.

Car accidents involving drunk drivers can have catastrophic results and those who suffer serious harm due to such negligence may wish to know more about the next steps to take to seek accountability. Following a similar incident, a person could choose to seek advice on his or her available legal options by consulting with an attorney. An attorney can evaluate the incident and assist a client in Montana in pursuing the compensation deserved through a personal injury claim.