Car accidents: Head-on crash kills 2 in Montana

It can take little more than a moment of distraction for a vehicle to drift into the opposite lane of traffic. In this brief moment, the chances of a collision increase substantially and car accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have catastrophic results. Two individuals were killed in a recent collision after a driver lost control and veered into an oncoming lane in Montana.

Law enforcement agents advised that the incident took place on a recent Wednesday night. The accident reportedly occurred when, for reasons still unknown, the driver of an eastbound truck suddenly drifted into the opposite lane of traffic. His truck proceeded to collided head-on with a westbound vehicle shortly thereafter and the impact of the crash forced both vehicles to spin out before coming to a rest within the lanes of traffic.

The drivers of both vehicles were reportedly pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Although police have advised that an investigation is underway, no further information was provided as to what might have caused the driver of the truck to veer into the oncoming lane. Unfortunately, there are a variety of forms of negligence that could produce similar results.

Fatal car accidents can be devastating incidents that could leave surviving loved ones grieving over an untimely loss. When the other driver is deemed at fault, the family of the victim could choose to consult with a personal injury attorney for guidance on the best course of action to take to pursue accountability. An attorney in Montana can assist a client in pursuing the full amount of restitution deserved through a wrongful death claim.