Car accidents: Crash claims life of 9-year-old boy in Montana

Operating a vehicle at a high rate of speed can be dangerous under any circumstance, especially in areas where children reside. Kids who are walking or riding their bikes in rural areas may find it nearly impossible to react quickly enough to move out of the path of a speeding vehicle. Similar car accidents run the unfortunate risk of leaving surviving loved ones grieving over the untimely loss of a child. A 9-year-old boy was hit and killed during a recent collision in Montana.

According to reports, the accident took place as the child was attempting to cross the street with his scooter on a recent Sunday evening. Initial investigations indicate that the boy was struck by a southbound driver who was traveling at speeds of nearly double the posted limit of 35 mph. Police advised that the child was pronounced dead at the scene shortly thereafter and stated that the driver of the vehicle chose to flee the scene.

Authorities say they were able to locate the driver later on and place him under arrest. According to reports, he is now facing charges for negligent homicide and leaving the scene of a crash. Police have also advised that an acquaintance of the driver informed them that the man had consumed an unspecified amount of alcohol prior to operating the vehicle and that the man subsequently refused to comply with requests to submit to a blood test.

The untimely loss of a child can be a difficult experience to accept, especially when it comes as the result of another party’s negligent actions. Families in Montana who encounter such loss in fatal car accidents may wish to seek accountability through the civil justice system and they could choose to retain the services of an experienced attorney for guidance in the process. An attorney can evaluate the incident and assist a client in pursuing the full amount of restitution deserved through a wrongful death claim.