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August 2019 Archives

Car accidents: Head-on crash involving semi kills 2, injures 1

Two individuals have died and another suffered severe injuries in a recent collision involving a tractor-trailer in Montana. While head-on car accidents can prove dangerous under any circumstance, those involving a commercial vehicle run a higher risk of having catastrophic results. Such incidents run the unfortunate chance of leaving those involved in the hospital facing a long road to recovery, or leaving surviving loved ones grieving over a sudden loss.

Car accidents: Crash kills 2, leaves 1 with severe injuries

Reacting to the decisions of another driver can be difficult at times, and in some cases, the maneuvers one is forced to make to avoid a collision could create an unfortunate scenario. Car accidents in which a vehicle is forced off the side of the road run the risk of placing the well-being of those involved in harm's way. Two individuals died and another suffered injuries during a recent collision involving a similar scenario in Montana.

Issues that could arise after a divorce is finalized

The end of a marriage can bring about a variety of changes in life and understanding the changes one may encounter could prove vital to forming a plan for opening a new chapter in life. Unfortunately, some of these changes could prove somewhat difficult to predict. As such, individuals in Montana who are going through a divorce could benefit from seeking guidance on some of the issues they might face even after the process is finalized.

Car accidents: 1 injured in crash at intersection in Montana

Prior to entering an intersection after stopping for a traffic sign, it could prove vital to look both ways and ensure the path is clear. Should other drivers approach the intersection from another direction, they might not have a traffic sign barring their passage and could find it difficult to react to another vehicle emerging in their path. Car accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have devastating results and a recent incident in Montana has reportedly left one person with serious injuries.

Car accidents: Head-on crash in Montana injures 2, kills 2

It is no secret that collisions involving commercial vehicles can have disastrous outcomes. While the inherent increase in size and weight of a tractor-trailer may appear to offer additional protection from collisions, there is always a risk that similar car accidents could leave everyone involved with serious injures, or worse. A collision in which a vehicle veered into oncoming lanes and struck a tractor-trailer in Montana has left two individuals with injuries and claimed the lives of two others.

The possible pros and cons of nesting after a divorce

When facing the end of a marriage, many parents in Montana and across the nation may have concerns over how the outcome of the situation might impact the lives of their kids. Those who wish to safeguard the needs of their children may wish to explore every available option to help them cope with the coming changes to their lives. One option that many families have considered during divorce pertains to the concept of nesting, and while this can be beneficial in various ways, it might not be a viable solution in every scenario.