Car accidents: 1 injured in crash at intersection in Montana

Prior to entering an intersection after stopping for a traffic sign, it could prove vital to look both ways and ensure the path is clear. Should other drivers approach the intersection from another direction, they might not have a traffic sign barring their passage and could find it difficult to react to another vehicle emerging in their path. Car accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have devastating results and a recent incident in Montana has reportedly left one person with serious injuries.

Law enforcement agents say they responded to reports of the accident on a recent Tuesday afternoon. According to reports, the driver of a southbound truck had stopped at a stop sign to allow another vehicle to pass. The truck reportedly crossed into the intersection shortly thereafter and proceeded to collide with a westbound vehicle, forcing the vehicle to spin out of control before coming to a rest on its side.

Police advised that the driver of the second vehicle suffered serious injuries and was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. They also advised that an investigation into the incident led them to believe the driver who caused the crash might have believed the intersection to be a four way stop. However, they advised that only the north and south lanes have stop signs.

Intersections continue to be a hot spot for car accidents and each of these incidents runs the risk of endangering the safety of everyone involved. After suffering serious harm in such a crash due to the actions of another driver, a person in Montana could choose to retain the services of an attorney for guidance on his or her available options for legal recourse. This type of advice could prove essential to helping a person prepare to pursue the compensation entitled through a claim against the party deemed responsible.