The fall season can pose problems for Montana drivers

As a Montana resident, there’s a good chance you enjoy the fall season. The leaves begin to change, the weather cools off and it’s a joy to spend long hours outdoors.

However, the fall months can also pose problems for drivers. When you find yourself behind the wheel this fall, here are five safety tips to follow:

  • Beware of school buses and children: With school in full swing during the fall months, beware of school buses on the road and children crossing the street. Heavy traffic during the morning and afternoon hours is also more likely, as buses and parents take to the road to transport children to and from school.
  • Keep an eye on the sky: The weather can change in an instant, with rain, strong wind and fog quickly moving into the area. When weather conditions change, so should your driving style.
  • Watch for wet leaves on the road: When leaves stick to the road, it increases the risk of losing traction. This is particularly true at high speeds.
  • Watch for wildlife: You never know when an animal, such as a deer, will dart out in front of your vehicle. Keep your eyes open at all times, as the sooner you spot wildlife, the sooner you can adjust your approach to maintain your safety. Wildlife activity is most common during the early morning and late evening hours.
  • Maintain your vehicle: From checking your tire pressure once a month to keeping your windshield clean, your vehicle must be ready to deal with everything the fall season throws at it.

Even if you do your best to avoid trouble on the road this fall, not all other drivers are taking the same caution.

If another person causes an accident, such as someone who is driving too fast in wet conditions, move to safety and call 911 to report the accident.

Administer first aid until an ambulance arrives to transport you to a local hospital. From there, discuss your injuries and prognosis with your medical team.

You have legal rights as the victim in a car accident, so don’t hesitate to take action with the idea of obtaining compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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