Roughly a quarter of all crashes relate to mobile phone use

You know that distraction is one of the major risks on modern roads, but do you realize how pervasive the use of phones while driving really is? While you may make every effort to be a safe and responsible driver, the same is not true of other people on the roads.

The statistics gathered by the federal government regarding phone-related distractions on the roads paint a relatively bleak image of safety on the street. Anytime you get in the car, you are likely to cross paths with someone paying more attention to their mobile phone than to the road. That individual puts you and everyone else driving nearby at risk for a serious crash.

According to the National Safety Council, mobile phone use causes many crashes

Few people want to admit when they do something wrong or negligent that results in property damage for others. However, between self-reported mobile phone use and analysis of data provided by phone companies, the National Safety Council was able to determine that approximately 27% of all crashes that occurred in 2015 resulted from phone use.

Especially when you consider how many more people have joined social networking sites in the last five years, it’s likely the rate of distraction-related crashes has only increased since the analysis performed by the National Safety Council.

You can promise yourself and your loved ones to avoid all mobile phone use while driving, but you can still wind up hurt if someone causes a crash while distracted. In that situation, you can hold the other driver accountable by pursuing a personal injury case against them.