Cellphones aren’t the only cause of distracted driving

When most people think about distracted driving, the first thing that tends to come to mind is cellphone use. This ranges from texting to talking to browsing the internet.

While there’s no denying the fact that cellphone use is a major distraction, as well as one of the top causes of motor vehicle accidents throughout the country, there are other distractions that are every bit as dangerous.

Here are five that you should protect against:

  • Daydreaming: This comes into play when you’re not paying attention to the task at hand, but instead let your mind wander to something such as your child’s baseball game, your big meeting at work or what you’re eating for dinner.
  • Conversing with passengers: Maybe you find yourself talking to a colleague that you drive to and from work. Or maybe your children are causing a raucous in the backseat. Casual conversation is fine, but only if you’re able to focus on the road at the same time.
  • Smoking: Doing this will driving can result in you taking at least one hand off the wheel. Furthermore, you may become distracted, such as when lighting or putting out a cigarette.
  • Eating and drinking: Many consider this a good way to save time or pass time while they’re driving. That may be true, but it’s a dangerous distraction. Trying to eat an apple or drink a cup of coffee while driving is anything but safe.
  • People watching: For example, if you’re driving in slow traffic, you may get into the habit of watching the people walk by. While it’s important to have a clear view of anyone who may walk in front of your vehicle, don’t let people watching distract you from safely operating your vehicle.

Just as you’re at risk of driving distracted, the same holds true of everyone else on the road.

Should a distracted driver cause an accident, such as one in which you’re struck from behind while sitting in traffic, call 911 and obtain immediate medical treatment. Once your injuries are in order and you understand your prognosis, consider the actions you can take to hold the person responsible for you damages.