Rear-end truck accidents may be avoided by advanced technology

Trucks are a common part of the landscape in Montana. Vehicles that are delivering and carting goods are imperative to the economy. In addition, the state is prominent in the oil industry, increasing the number of trucks on the road. Drivers of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians should be cognizant of these vehicles with safety a major concern. Because of the size and speed of these vehicles, a truck accident can cause serious injuries and death. Especially worrisome are rear-end truck crashes.

Safety technology may prevent rear-end truck collisions

As technological advancements are implemented, safety is expected to improve. Trucks that have emergency braking systems and collision warnings were found to avoid at least 40% of rear-end truck crashes. The study was conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). If there was still an accident, these systems were found to be successful in lower the vehicles’ speed by more than half. This may lower the chance of severe injuries.

While this technology can be critical to make the roads safer, not all trucks have it, nor are they required to. Statistically, trucks that had the accident warning system lowered the number of rear-end accidents by 44%. If there was emergency braking, it was lowered by 41%. Researchers analyzed trucks in the context of distances they traveled, their size and the number of truck accidents between 2017 and 2019. If trucks had collision warning, their accident frequency was lowered by 22%. If there was emergency braking, it was reduced by 12%.

Truck companies are said to be reluctant to mandate these technologies because of the extra cost. However, there has been a major rise in truck accidents since 2009. In 2018, there were more than 4,100 deaths in truck crashes with 119 being rear-end truck accidents. Despite this information, there has yet to be a requirement from regulatory agencies that trucks must be equipped with these advancements.

Accruing evidence can be essential after a truck accident

Given the amount of damage a truck can do in a crash, those who were injured or lost a loved one should consider their options to pursue compensation in a legal filing. Hospitalizations, medical care, the inability to work and other challenges arise after any kind of accident, but if the accident involves a truck, there is a greater chance of more serious injuries. Consulting with a legal firm experienced in investigating all types of motor vehicle accidents can be helpful when considering pursuing a claim.