Important things to do after any semi-truck accident

Between 3 and 4 million Americans work as semi-truck drivers. Although these trucks are less likely to get into auto accidents than noncommercial vehicles, slip-ups still happen. Whether you get into a life-changing semi-truck accident in Montana or one that causes little damage, you should follow several steps after the incident to help improve your case.

Don’t cause more damage

Under Montana law, you’re required to keep motor vehicle insurance. Even if you have comprehensive coverage and know that you’ll receive a good payout from your insurer, don’t do anything that may cause more damage.

Without insurance, you’d almost never do something that would worsen your financial situation. People act differently when they know they have insurance coverage. If insurers can prove that you unnecessarily incurred damage, you might not receive the same payout. As such, taking actions that worsen your vehicle’s condition or your health after a semi-truck accident could harm your chances of getting a good insurance payout.

Do you see any witnesses?

In most the motor vehicle accidents, police officers determine fault based on the condition of cars. Although they record statements from all drivers, these statements don’t hold as much water as physical evidence since every driver has an incentive to place blame on the other.

Witnesses typically have no stake in the outcome of car accidents. Police officers usually won’t ask witnesses to weigh in on what happened. If you spot witnesses and have time to approach them, reach out to them immediately after calling the police and after touching base with the other drivers. Witness’ testimony could prove helpful if your case goes to court.

Make use of your smartphone’s camera

If you have a smartphone, take pictures of the scene of the semi-truck accident. In this situation, you can’t hurt yourself by taking too many pictures. This will give you even more evidence to use in court and with insurers.

Semi-truck accidents can take your breath away. Don’t let them take away your will to fight. If you feel like you’ve had a semi-truck accident that wasn’t your fault, a personal injury attorney could help you recover compensation for your injuries.