Nearly every couple could benefit from a prenup

Some Montana residents may look at prenuptial agreements and assume that they’re only for rich people. However, prenuptial agreements are for everyone. These agreements simply lay out a process that a couple will follow if the marriage does not work out.

Why do prenuptial agreements make sense for everyone?

A prenuptial agreement can include information like what will happen to shared assets if the couple splits. It could also address issues like how a business will be divided if a couple decides to build one together or if one of the parties builds one on their own.

The prenuptial agreement could also discuss things like how the couple will deal with debt if they divorce. They could decide to split up the debt equitably or make it the debt of the party responsible for it. There may be information in the prenup that addresses how to resolve debt that was acquired before the marriage.

One reason that people are attracted to prenups is because they are very fluid documents. This makes them an attractive solution for people who may not necessarily have massive assets to divide in a divorce but who still want to make sure that they’re treated fairly and equitably if a divorce does happen. Couples can work out the specifics with their divorce attorneys.

How can people get help with prenups?

People who are looking for assistance with prenups may benefit by working with family law attorneys with experience creating these kinds of documents. Attorneys may be able to help each party decide what to include so that everyone’s interests are served.