What happens when you first meet your divorce attorney?

Many divorce cases in Montana start with your initial meeting with your attorney. The first meeting can be nerve-wracking, but it’s important to remember that your attorney is here to help you while remaining objective throughout the situation. Additionally, meeting with an attorney doesn’t mean that your divorce has to turn into a lengthy court battle.

What can you expect from your first meeting with your attorney?

When you first meet your divorce attorney, prepare to give them extensive information about your finances and current living situation. They might ask for your contact information, current income, debts, assets and other information to paint a clear picture of your situation. Your attorney might also ask for information about your spouse and children.

Once they know what they’re dealing with, your attorney might talk to you about the different ways you can resolve your divorce. Under family law, a divorce doesn’t have to take place in court. You and your former spouse might be able to settle out-of-court through the process of mediation or arbitration. However, going to court is still an option if you and your estranged spouse can’t come to an agreement.

Your attorney might also talk to you about the issues that could come up during your divorce. This could include child support, custody rights, spousal support, property division and other disputes that you might have to settle with your former spouse. Finally, your attorney might tell you about their rates and give you an idea of how much filing for divorce will cost.

Do you need an attorney when you file a divorce?

If you don’t hire an attorney at the beginning, you might find yourself at a massive disadvantage later on in the case, especially if your estranged spouse has legal counsel. An attorney could help you act in your best interests throughout the process.