These are the 3 worst types of collisions to experience

There are many kinds of collisions that can happen, but among them, there are three that are potentially more dangerous than others. These include vehicle rollovers, side-impact collisions and head-on collisions.

These three kinds of car crashes have a potential to cause serious injuries and deaths. Here’s more information on why these car crashes are among the worst.

  1. Rollover crashes

The first kind of crash that is one of the worst is a rollover crash. Rollover crashes are dangerous because the cabin can be crushed down, which has the potential to trap victims and cause crushing injuries. Anyone in the vehicle can be impacted, which makes it dangerous for all involved.

  1. Side-impact collisions

Another dangerous type of collision is a side-impact crash. The reason a side-impact crash is so dangerous is that the person on the side of the impact is more likely to be hit directly. Airbags may not be placed on the side of the vehicle, though some are, which can mean that the impact is more direct and less cushioned.

  1. Head-on crashes

Head-on crashes are among the worst that can happen because of the force involved. In a head-on crash, the drivers of both vehicles are traveling toward each other, and that means that there is a potential for double the force in the impact. For example, if both vehicles are traveling at 35 mph and collide head-on, the collision may seem more like a 70-mile-per-hour crash. The likelihood of survival without serious injuries greatly decreases the faster vehicles are traveling at the time of an impact.

No traffic collision is safe

Whether you’re hit from behind, on the side or in front, no crash is going to be safe. There is always a potential for injuries. If you or someone you know is hit by another driver, then you should know that you can call 911 for help and then reach out to your attorney to start your claim. You should take care of your health as a priority, but you can take steps to hold the other driver responsible for their actions.