Is distracted driving an epidemic?

Distracted driving is increasing as more people spend time doing other activities while operating a vehicle in Montana. Many people use their phones, apply make-up and eat food in the car, which increases the risk of a collision.

Distracted driving is the third leading cause of car accidents, right behind speeding and drunk driving. Although cellphone use is prevalent, most distracted driving is due to people who are lost in their thoughts. This can make it easy for drivers to fail to be aware of their surroundings.

How to avoid distracted driving

If you want to avoid distracted driving and reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents, it’s important to keep your phone out of sight and out of reach to avoid the temptation of using it. Avoid multi-tasking; pull over to the side of the road or a rest stop if you need to answer a phone call, eat or apply lipstick.

You may want to use voice commands to ensure that you can keep both of your hands on the wheel. In addition, make all adjustments to the car, including GPS, before you put your vehicle into drive.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you’re involved in an auto accident where a truck, motorcycle or other vehicle was at fault, contact a personal injury attorney for help seeking compensation from the responsible party. Your attorney may review the details of the case to determine how much money you should seek for medical bills or damage to your vehicle. They may serve as an advocate for you throughout the case to ensure that you file a strong claim.