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Certain signs that a divorce might be in your future

People don't get married with the expectation that the union will end in divorce, but this is the sad reality for many people. Some divorces come as surprises for one of the spouses, but this isn't always the case. Divorce is difficult for those involved, whether the event is a surprise or something that was expected.

Understanding medical child support

When parents choose to divorce, they must reach fair agreements about a number of issues surrounding raising their child. If divorcing parents do not reach reasonable agreements through working together, a court will step in and issue orders for the best interests of the child. Should you and your child's parent divorce, you want to prioritize your child's care and make sure that you address every pertinent issue.

Does your common-law marriage hold up in court?

Relationships are always complicated, no matter how you go about them. However, few family law issues are as complicated as common law marriages. Defining what even is a common-law marriage varies from state to state, but once one is established, a common law spouse can invoke many of the same privileges that traditional spouses enjoy.

Get serious about your finances during a divorce

You may have been surprised by a spouse who suddenly wanted a divorce. You may have been the one who had the idea, and perhaps you were thinking about how to move forward with the dissolution of your marriage for a very long time. Regardless of why you're currently divorcing, it's time to get serious about your financial circumstances.

Should you receive spousal support from your Montana divorce?

Deciding to end your marriage is a process often fraught with emotions and serious social concerns. This is particularly true for spouses who decided to stay home during the marriage. Whether you focused on raising your children or simply needed to devote full-time attention to maintaining your home or ranch, deciding to divorce without a source of income can become a terrifying prospect.

Understanding equitable division in Montana

Dividing assets due to divorce is always complicated. In many cases, a prenuptial or postnuptial marital agreement can provide guidance during the divorce process. However, if you do not have such an agreement in place, you will more than likely have to fully adhere to Montana's property division laws. When you have extensive property, such as a ranch or other high value assets, it is important to understand how the state treats marital property during a divorce.

Mediating divorce, Montana style

Up here in the wide open plains of Montana, many of the issues that couples face in more densely populated areas simply don't play out the same way they do elsewhere. While the laws governing divorce are by-and-large the same, the practical way divorces work out are drastically different in ranch country than in one of the larger cities of our sister states.