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Child Custody Archives

Child custody: Keeping emotions in check during negotiations

Upon making the decision to end a marriage, many parents in Montana may have concerns about how the experience will impact their children. Many parents consider it essential to safeguard the kids during divorce by pursuing a child custody agreement centered on their needs. While looking to the future could be vital, parents may also find it advisable to consider how their behavior during negotiations could also affect their children.

Family dealing with child custody may benefit from therapy

The divorce process in Montana can understandably be painful for many couples. However, for those who do not have children, it is oftentimes relatively straightforward. This is not so for those who have minor children, as they must deal with child custody issues on top of matters such as property division. Fortunately, they can take a couple of steps to make sure that their children's best interests are protected.

Tips for handling conflicts with a co-parent

Trying to work through everything that comes with having children around during a divorce isn't easy. For some adults, the ability to put their own feelings aside and truly focus on the children brings up an interesting arrangement. These parents might opt to co-parent, which means that they continue to work as a team to raise the children.

Child custody decision involves several considerations

Divorce can be a stressful experience from both an emotional and a financial viewpoint. This is true no matter how long or short of a time a couple has been married. However, one of the biggest areas of conflict for divorcing parents in Montana is child custody.

Child custody debates can be strenuous for children

About 50 percent of children born in the 1990s are expected to experience the split-up of their parents. Unfortunately, divorce can be just as emotionally difficult on the children as it is on the parents. However, a few tips may help with easing the pressure that children feel when their parents are tackling child custody matters during divorce in Montana.

Child custody issues can make holiday divorce challenging

During the holidays, it is natural to want to celebrate with loved ones. However, spending time with family can be challenging for those who are dealing with child custody issues as a result of divorce. A few tips might help to navigate these issues during this time of year in Montana.

Child custody can be sticking point during divorce

The process of divorce can cause stress not just for Montana parents but also for their children. This is especially true if child custody is a sticking point for the parents. New research, however, indicates that people within the community, such as therapists and the children's pediatricians, may help the children to manage the tough transition that comes with divorce.

Child custody issues may crop up during holiday season

The divorce process can be especially challenging for those with children in Montana. Unfortunately, even after the divorce has been finalized, a couple may struggle to find common ground about how to handle the holidays. A few tips can help people address child custody issues that may crop up at the end of the year.