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Divorce Archives

Divorce impacts child's eligibility for college financial aid

Dissolving a marriage is never easy, both emotionally and financially. However, divorce can be even tougher for those try to figure it out while simultaneously figuring out how to send their teenager to college. Here is a look at what divorcing parents should know when preparing to send a child to college in Montana.

Tax law impacts homeownership, claiming children post divorce

The process of dissolving a marriage is no doubt overwhelming from both a financial and an emotional standpoint. However, the new tax code is making it that much more complicated for many couples, especially those with children and a family home. Here is a look at how the new law will affect couples in Montana going through divorce this year and beyond.

How long divorce takes depends on the couple

When two people have decided to end their marriage, the last thing they want is to remain stuck together longer than they have to be. The faster they can complete the divorce process, the better. Here is a glimpse at a couple of divorce process options that couples have in Montana and how long they may take.

Unrealistic lifestyle plans following divorce a common mistake

Every marital breakup is different because the couples going through marital dissolutions have their own unique needs and challenges. Nonetheless, certain mistakes are frequently made during divorce proceedings in Montana, especially those involving money. One such mistake is having unrealistic post-divorce lifestyle expectations.

Managing finances effectively during divorce is paramount

During a marital breakup, money is oftentimes a major area of concern. For one, two spouses who are going through divorce may be unsure about how to manage their money during the transition from married life to single living. Second, they may be at a loss for how to split up their marital property and debt in Montana.

More women paying child support, alimony following divorce

In years past, men were oftentimes the ones responsible for covering child support and alimony. Now, the tables have turned. More female breadwinners today are paying for their ex-spouses than ever before following divorce proceedings in Montana and elsewhere.

Divorce does not have to sabotage children's higher education

Most parents in Montana and elsewhere are nervous about what their children's university tuition bills will look like. However, this situation is even scarier for those in the middle of a divorce. However, parents who are going through a divorce can take steps to protect their children's best interests when it comes to getting a college education.

More baby boomers seeking divorce due to mindset shift

The dissolution of a marriage is a complicated life event that may be necessary no matter how long or short of a time a couple has been married. However, divorce is becoming increasingly common among those who have been married for decades -- in other words, baby boomers. Here's a look at why more baby boomers in Montana and elsewhere are getting divorced today than they did in the past.

Friends, family and attorneys can help processs a divorce

When individuals choose to marry a significant other, they are often each other's best friend. When a divorce occurs and a spouse loses that friendship, it can make the process incredibly lonely. Along with the assistance of an attorney in Montana to process a divorce, many find the support of friends and family essential to survive the emotional aspects of the breakup.

A partial out-of-court divorce settlement may be reached

Divorce is generally not an easy process from an emotional or financial standpoint. However, Montana spouses facing these proceedings may make it easier to navigate by settling outside of court. The question, though, is what happens if they see eye to eye on certain issues but cannot seem to resolve other divorce matters?