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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Do I need to take a motorcycle safety class?

Driving a car is a privilege; that's why it requires a valid driver's license. Every state has requirements that must be met before an individual can take advantage of this privilege. Operating a motorcycle is no different. In the state of Montana, one of the requirements necessary to operate a motorcycle is the successful completion of a motorcycle skills and knowledge test.

Are ATVs as dangerous as motorcycles?

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are used all over the nation for both work and play, so it is no wonder that they are responsible for a great number of injuries each year. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has estimated that more than 150,000 individuals were seen in emergency rooms in 2007 for injuries suffered while riding ATVs. While this number may not be as significant as the number of injuries suffered by motorcyclists each year, it is still a significant enough number that it should draw attention and awareness to the dangers of ATVs.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to serious injuries

Motorcycle accidents, over all other automobile accidents, have the potential to produce catastrophic injury and devastation to cyclists. In fact, no other driver is as open and vulnerable to serious injury as motorcycle drivers. Cars and trucks provide drivers with an enclosed area filled with airbags and padding to help cushion them in the event of a collision. Motorcycle riders have none of those and are left open to serious injury.

Billings riders ask drivers to be more aware of motorcycles

While Montana may boast some of the country's most beautiful terrain for motorcycle riding, it is not without its dangers. Motorcyclists are always extremely vulnerable when out on the open road. Simply traveling at a high rate of speed on two wheels makes riders prone to suffering serious injuries if they should take a spill. But making matters all the more precarious are motorists who fail to keep a lookout for motorcycles.

Motorcyclists vulnerable before and after accidents

The advent of spring is always a welcome change. It is very easy to appreciate how the cold weather gives way to warmer temperatures. And it is quite possible the motorcyclists enjoy this shift more than everyone else. This is because, in the coming months, motorcyclists do not have to be concerned about winter riding hazards, such as snow and ice. Instead, they can simply enjoy being out on the open road while riding past the amazing landscapes of Montana.

Spring motorcycle maintenance makes for safer riding

With the approaching of spring, many Montana riders will be taking their motorcycles out of storage and looking to get back out on the highway. If properly stored, a few months in mothballs certainly shouldn't do a motorcycle any harm, but it is still necessary to take a few steps to get it roadworthy once again. After all, you don't want to take off only to experience a problem on the road.

Motorcycle riders should seek treatment for road rash

If you should take a spill on a motorcycle, hopefully, you will suffer no more than scrapes, which are typically referred to as "road rash." But given that you will likely be in motion when you fall, your body could skid a good distance across the pavement, leaving you with very painful abrasions.

You can replace a damaged motorcycle, but not an injured body

Often, it is best for a beginning motorcyclist to learn how to ride on a used or older motorcycle. The reason for this is that it is very easy for new riders to drop a motorcycle when attempting to come to a halt. There's no point in dinging up a new machine if you can just as easily let an older vehicle take the knocks.

Montana motorcycle licensing process helps build riders' skills

The state of Montana takes motorcycle safety very seriously and as such those who wish to legally ride on the state's roads must pass a very thorough examination. Components of the examination process include a knowledge test and a skills test. The knowledge test contains questions that are specific to motorcyclists.

Montana is great for riding, but motorcycle accidents still occur

As you may be aware, the amazing Evel Knievel hailed from the state of Montana. Is it a coincidence that the man who may be the most famous motorcyclist of all time should come from Big Sky Country? Well, not if you consider just how great Montana is for riding.