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Truck Accidents Archives

Health of truck drivers is more than concerning

The size, speed and weight of commercial trucks make them a significant threat to passenger vehicles on the road. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that commercial truck drivers must go through rigorous training, testing and health screenings in order to operate these huge speeding bullets. Unfortunately, despite the trucking industry's attempts to make it safer for passenger vehicles to travel alongside their trucks, truck accidents do happen. A recent report suggests that some of these accidents are actually caused by the very same things the trucking industry is trying so hard to prevent.

Alcohol may be a factor in hit-and-run accident

Hit-and-run accidents happen more often than people think. Occasionally, negligent drivers flee the scene of an accident to avoid arrest if they know they are guilty of drunk driving or drug use. After this most recent hit and run accident in Lolo, alcohol is being considered as one of the incentives for a careless driver to flee the scene of an accident that sent one individual to the hospital.

Emotional duress can negatively impact truck drivers

Anyone can have the misfortune of being in a serious motor vehicle accident. Serious accidents not only cause severe physical injuries, but they can also leave victims emotionally traumatized. The likelihood of suffering such a tragedy is greatly increased if you have to spend long hours behind the wheel.

Trucking agency offers advice on road safety

Regardless of your level of skill behind the wheel, driving near big rig trucks can be daunting. Truck drivers are perched so high above the ground that it's hard to tell if they can even see you. And in truth, the visibility offered in a tractor trailer is often limited with many blind spots. As such, it is often up to you to look out for your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Microsleep presents serious issues for truck drivers

Almost everyone has experienced sleep deprivation and the unpleasant effects it produces. Lack of sleep can affect a person's mind and body in many ways. Of course, it is easy to become irritable and lose concentration, making even the simplest of tasks difficult.

What activities are truck drivers required to record?

Nobody can do their best work when bogged down with the symptoms of fatigue. We are all prone to making mistakes when we don't get enough rest. While mistakes at some jobs can cause problems, a mistake made while driving a big rig truck can yield tragic results.

Truck drivers may experience dangerous fatigue during holidays

Truck traffic is a common sight on Montana roadways. Throughout the year, truck drivers try to keep up with very tight schedules as they operate their big rigs all hours of the day and night. And with the holidays coming up, it is a safe bet that many truck drivers will be busier than ever.

Truck drivers can experience harmful maladies while on the road

There is little doubt that driving a big rig truck can be a grueling endeavor. In fact, we have previously written about the various health issues that truck drivers often face. These issues can include obesity due to having limited healthy dietary choices coupled with remaining stationary while driving.

Truck accidents can produce a variety of damages

If you are ever involved in a truck accident, you will likely be quite shaken by the experience. After all, a big rig truck can do a great deal of damage to a passenger vehicle. You and any other occupants of your car could suffer extremely serious injuries. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you may not be focused on pursuing compensation. This is perfectly understandable, but you will likely need recompense to cover medical and other expenses.