How Do Missed Diagnoses Happen?
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Getting To The Bottom Of A Diagnostic Error

What a shock it can be to learn you have cancer or another serious illness that your health care provider failed to diagnose. You may have undergone medical exams, laboratory tests and other evaluative steps, but your doctor, clinic or laboratory did not discover the problem or relay the information to you in a timely manner. How could this happen?

Finding Out What Went Wrong May Offer A Path To Relief

Towe, Ball, Mackey, Sommerfeld & Turner, PLLP, has been advocating for injured people for nearly 50 years. Our lawyers understand your need to know what went wrong. This is a top priority in any medical malpractice case. At the same time, we realize you may face extraordinary costs and worries after a misdiagnosis. For example, early detection of breast cancer may give you the opportunity to take care of it with a simple lumpectomy, but more advanced breast cancer may mean you will need chemotherapy.

The difference between a timely, accurate diagnosis and a delayed, faulty one can mean the difference between a favorable prognosis and more grim news about your cancer or other illness. The resulting costs of more extensive treatments will also add up quickly.

So, once again, how do these things happen? And how can this information contribute to a successful medical malpractice case? Every case is unique, but common explanations for diagnostic errors include the following:

  • A doctor and support personnel were under pressure and stress due to a heavy workload and understaffing.
  • Communication between a doctor and a laboratory or a laboratory and a medical clinic may have been inadequate. The information may have been available but did not make it into your medical chart.
  • Your medical clinic may have simply failed to call you even when correct diagnostic information made it into your file.
  • Your lab sample may have been misplaced or swapped accidentally with someone else’s.
  • Computer systems may have been malfunctioning, leading to a missed diagnosis.

Whatever went wrong in your case, our medical malpractice lawyers are available to discover the truth and use it to prepare a compelling claim on your behalf. We want to ensure that you get the resources and help you need to cope with the aftermath of a missed diagnosis.

Initial Consultations Are Free.

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