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Car accidents: 2 injured, 1 killed in rear-end collision

There are a variety of scenarios in which a serious collision can occur, and such an incident can take place at any given moment. All car accidents run the risk of leaving those involved with injuries and facing a long road to recovery or, in some cases, searching for answers after the untimely passing of someone close. A recent rear-end accident in Montana has reportedly left two individuals with severe injuries and claimed the life an 82-year-old man.

Car accidents: Head-on collision kills 1, injures 1 in Montana

In some cases, reacting to the decisions of another driver can be a challenging task. When a vehicle drifts off course and into the wrong lane of traffic, nearby drivers may be left with little to no time to swerve and avoid collision, and car accidents involving similar circumstances run the unfortunate risk of placing everyone involved in danger. One person has died and another was rushed to the hospital for medical care after after a recent head-on crash in Montana.

Car accidents: Impairment suspected in fatal crash

The influence of alcohol or drugs can impact a person's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle in various ways. Driving while impaired can be a dangerous decision and car accidents involving similar forms of negligence run the unfortunate chance of leaving those involved with serious or even fatal injuries. A collision involving a suspected drunk driver in Montana has reportedly left one person with injuries and claimed the lives of two others.

Car accidents: Head-on crash involving semi kills 2, injures 1

Two individuals have died and another suffered severe injuries in a recent collision involving a tractor-trailer in Montana. While head-on car accidents can prove dangerous under any circumstance, those involving a commercial vehicle run a higher risk of having catastrophic results. Such incidents run the unfortunate chance of leaving those involved in the hospital facing a long road to recovery, or leaving surviving loved ones grieving over a sudden loss.

Car accidents: Crash kills 2, leaves 1 with severe injuries

Reacting to the decisions of another driver can be difficult at times, and in some cases, the maneuvers one is forced to make to avoid a collision could create an unfortunate scenario. Car accidents in which a vehicle is forced off the side of the road run the risk of placing the well-being of those involved in harm's way. Two individuals died and another suffered injuries during a recent collision involving a similar scenario in Montana.

Car accidents: 1 injured in crash at intersection in Montana

Prior to entering an intersection after stopping for a traffic sign, it could prove vital to look both ways and ensure the path is clear. Should other drivers approach the intersection from another direction, they might not have a traffic sign barring their passage and could find it difficult to react to another vehicle emerging in their path. Car accidents that take place under similar circumstances can have devastating results and a recent incident in Montana has reportedly left one person with serious injuries.

Car accidents: Head-on crash in Montana injures 2, kills 2

It is no secret that collisions involving commercial vehicles can have disastrous outcomes. While the inherent increase in size and weight of a tractor-trailer may appear to offer additional protection from collisions, there is always a risk that similar car accidents could leave everyone involved with serious injures, or worse. A collision in which a vehicle veered into oncoming lanes and struck a tractor-trailer in Montana has left two individuals with injuries and claimed the lives of two others.

Car accidents: Crash claims life of cyclist in Montana

There may be many individuals who choose the added benefits that accompany the decision to travel via bicycle, such as having no fuel costs and providing a means of exercise. Unfortunately, there are also some inherent downsides to a similar form of travel and as bicycle riders have less in the way of protection, car accidents involving a cyclist run a greater risk of proving dangerous. A recent crash involving a bicycle in Montana has reportedly claimed the life of a 70-year-old man.

Car accidents: 2 injured during 3 related crashes

When a collision occurs, the subsequent halt in traffic could increase the risks that additional accidents will take place. Car accidents that occur when drivers fail to allow sufficient time and space to slow down for a stoppage in traffic can be just as severe in nature as the initial incident. A recent series of collisions that took place under similar circumstances in Montana has left two individuals in the hospital with injuries.

Car accidents: Collision at intersection sends 3 to hospital

Being able to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles is an essential component of ensuring that a left turn will not result in a collision. Drivers who fail to allow sufficient time to navigate a turn increase the chances car accidents will occur and the fallout of such an incident can be disastrous. As many as three people were transported to a hospital following a recent crash in Montana.