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Posts tagged "Uninsured motorist"

Plaintiff paid in court settlement for uninsured driver claim

Unfortunately, not all drivers choose to act responsibly and purchase automobile insurance. For this reason, insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage. Generally, policyholders must pay extra for this coverage. But this extra cost can prove worthwhile in the event of an accident involving someone who lacks coverage.

States grapple with problem of uninsured drivers

A motor vehicle accident can do more than just ruin an otherwise good day. A serious accident could result in myriad long-term issues. An automobile crash victim could be left facing hefty expenses for medical treatment and vehicle repair.

Woman receives settlement for underinsured motorist claim

There are motorists in Montana who carry a level of auto insurance that is insufficient for covering the costs of damages they may cause in an accident. In fact, some drivers simply have no coverage at all. In order to ensure that we receive compensation for damages that we incur when getting in an accident with such drivers, we may be able to add uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to our insurance plans.

$2.7 million awarded to woman in uninsured driver case

A Montana federal jury awarded a woman $2.7 million in damages after an insurance company did not agree to pay a claim on her insurance policy. The woman filed the claim after her husband was killed by an uninsured driver who was under the influence of drugs.