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Posts tagged "negligence"

Falls are a common cause of nursing home injuries

When it comes time to put a parent or loved one into a nursing home, we trust that the staff of the home is properly trained. Falling is a very common cause of nursing home injuries. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website states that around 1,800 nursing home residents suffer fatal fall-related injuries every year. Additionally, those residents who survive a fall are often left with permanent debilitating injuries.

Family files lawsuit against children?s hospital

We rightfully hold high expectations for the care that our family members receive when they go to a hospital for treatment. Medical professionals are required to provide an acceptable level of care in seeing that our loved ones are given their best chance for a full recovery from an illness or injury. A patient could be seriously injured if a doctor or other medical worker fails to follow proper procedures.

Use of anesthesia connected to death of Joan Rivers

Recently, a report was released by the New York City medical examiner regarding the death of comedian Joan Rivers. This post is a follow up to a summary of the case that we wrote previously. What is now known, according to the report, is that Ms. Rivers's death was due to brain damage caused by a shortage of oxygen. The complications occurred when she was undergoing a scoping procedure on her upper gastrointestinal tract at the time of the incident.

Inexperience with new medical devices can cause doctor errors

Whenever we have surgery, we trust the that our doctors have the requisite training and skill to perform the procedure safely. But new surgical innovations can be brought into the medical field without established training requirements. This means a doctor could use a surgical tool while still working through a learning curve.

Mother and son get $14.5 million in medical malpractice suit

Doctors and hospitals have a sacred duty to do everything in their power to keep those in their charge safe from harm. Sadly, preventable mistakes happen all the time in Montana that leave patients with life-threatening injuries or ailments that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Often, the hospitals refuse to admit fault and families are left with debts of millions of dollars for medical expenses, in-home care and rehabilitation.

Medical malpractice suit filed in jail birth and subsequent death

When you think of medical malpractice suits in Montana, you generally think of hospitals and doctor's offices and not jail, right? But medical negligence can happen almost anywhere. Being denied medical attention in any setting can amount to medical malpractice, as a recent case in Texas demonstrates.

Semi-truck hit-and-run accident leaves 2 injured

Truck accidents are generally more catastrophic than crashes involving normal passenger vehicles. They are hulking beasts, 10 times the size and 10 times the weight of a standard car, so when they collide, the car and sometimes its driver, are left with severe injuries. So, how does a gigantic, plodding semi-truck get away with a hit-and-run accident? Fairly easily, it seems.

Medical complications put dental patient in semi-coma

Getting and maintaining good oral health is an important part of having good overall medical health. Though jokes abound about visits to the dentist's office, few expect the “nightmare” of a dental visit to turn into the nightmare of medical complications. One family is now going through what one member calls a “hellish ordeal.” This is due to his daughter ending up in a coma from what should have been a routine wisdom tooth extraction.

Tragic bus-truck crash still under investigation

Everyone knows that when auto accidents happen, the cost can be high. In addition to pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income from time off work can put a strain on victims and their families. Unfortunately, many residents of Montana are no strangers to such accidents.

How does Montana rank in medical malpractice payouts?

How much are Americans being awarded in malpractice cases against medical professionals? Data have just been released that may be interesting to anyone considering filing a lawsuit against a doctor in Montana.