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Antilock brakes help motorcycles stop more safely

Montana's roads are ideal for extended motorcycle voyages. The mountainous scenery is invigorating. And when the road conditions permit, a rider may want to run his or her motorcycle all the way up to the speed limit. But special caution should always be observed when traveling at higher speeds. It is all too easy to be in an accident caused by an unexpected road hazard.

Proper maintenance can help prevent motorcycle accidents

Montana motorcycle riders are privileged with an abundance of scenic routes on which to travel. But, when out and about, motorcyclists must always be on the alert for potential road hazards. Motorcycle accidents can result from many different causes. Some of these causes, such as negligent motorists or debris on the roadway, are out of the rider's control. But, accidents can also be caused by improper motorcycle maintenance.

Montana drivers court danger by texting and driving

Distracted driving is becoming a nationwide epidemic. Montana is no different when it comes to having distracted and negligent drivers on the road contributing to the numerous car accidents that occur. Data from various sources indicates that teens are particularly at risk for becoming unsafe drivers on the road. In fact, an estimated 61 percent of Montana teens use their cellphone while driving and an estimated 56 percent are texting and driving.