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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Accidents Archives

Uninsured drivers increase the odds of compensation issues

Sometimes life is a numbers game. For instance, when insurance companies figure the rates they will charge for covering a certain individual, they do so by calculating the odds of that person getting in an accident. Less experienced drivers and those with poor driving records are likely to have to pay higher premiums than experienced drivers with good records.

Uninsured motorist insurance covers a variety of costs

Unfortunately, not all drivers who use Montana's roads have auto insurance. Should you ever be involved in an accident with one of these drivers, you will likely have to pay for the damages yourself. This is why many people opt to add uninsured driver coveragee to their auto insurance policies. The policies are intended to provide compensation to those who are in accidents caused by drivers who lack coverage.

License plate readers could be used to catch uninsured drivers

At present, many states are attempting to address the issue of uninsured drivers on the road. As we reported in a previous post, more than 12 percent of drivers nationwide are uninsured. And although they could face hefty fines in doing so, many motorists still choose to get behind the wheel without auto insurance.

Plaintiff paid in court settlement for uninsured driver claim

Unfortunately, not all drivers choose to act responsibly and purchase automobile insurance. For this reason, insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage. Generally, policyholders must pay extra for this coverage. But this extra cost can prove worthwhile in the event of an accident involving someone who lacks coverage.

States grapple with problem of uninsured drivers

A motor vehicle accident can do more than just ruin an otherwise good day. A serious accident could result in myriad long-term issues. An automobile crash victim could be left facing hefty expenses for medical treatment and vehicle repair.

How can I avoid paying for damage done by an uninsured motorist?

According to estimates made by the Insurance Research Council, one out of seven drivers are uninsured. Should you get hit by an uninsured motorist, you could attempt to sue them for damages. The problem is that anyone who does not have auto insurance may also not have enough money to settle the suit.

How is Montana trying to track uninsured drivers?

On this blog, we have previously discussed the serious problems created by motorists who drive without auto insurance. Between the years 2003 and 2012, literally billions of dollars were paid out by insurance companies to cover damages caused by uninsured drivers. So, what sort of steps has the state of Montana taken in confronting the issue of uninsured drivers?

Uninsured motorists costing billions in claims

A report recently published by the Insurance Research Council indicates that while the percentage of drivers lacking insurance has been decreasing slightly within the last 10 years, the cost generated by uninsured motorist claims has notably increased.

Why do some drivers opt to not purchase insurance?

In order to drive our vehicles legally, purchasing auto insurance is a requirement that we all must fulfill. Taking all factors into account, carrying insurance is clearly preferable to taking on the risks of the road without financial coverage.