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Truck Accidents Archives

Some truck drivers not adhering to new rules

Semi-trucks are a familiar sight all hours of the day on Montana roadways. Given their need to stay on schedule, truck drivers and truck companies generally want their big rigs to stay in motion whenever possible. But due to legal and practical requirements, drivers at some point must pull over and take a break.

Semi-truck hit-and-run accident leaves 2 injured

Truck accidents are generally more catastrophic than crashes involving normal passenger vehicles. They are hulking beasts, 10 times the size and 10 times the weight of a standard car, so when they collide, the car and sometimes its driver, are left with severe injuries. So, how does a gigantic, plodding semi-truck get away with a hit-and-run accident? Fairly easily, it seems.

Tragic bus-truck crash still under investigation

Everyone knows that when auto accidents happen, the cost can be high. In addition to pain and suffering, medical bills and lost income from time off work can put a strain on victims and their families. Unfortunately, many residents of Montana are no strangers to such accidents.

Yellowstone County truck accident: Crews deal with propane leak

The transportation of potentially volatile chemicals and fuels is a necessary part of sustaining Montana agriculture and industry. Nonetheless, the heavy vehicles that distribute these materials by road are a potential hazard to other drivers. Companies that operate these trucks are obliged to keep them in good mechanical condition to minimize the risk of disaster and injury.

Trucker claims innocence in pedestrian death near Big Timber

It is a tragedy when a truck accident is fatal. It is even more of a tragedy when the truck driver that causes the accident commits a hit-and-run. Loved ones of the victim may think that the truck driver may never be found. That was not the case, however, for the truck driver accused of running over and killing a male pedestrian and then leaving the scene on Interstate 90, near Big Timber, last fall. The truck driver has recently been caught and pleaded not guilty to the accident.

Montana truck accident on I-90 results in two fatalities

Investigation concerning a December 27th accident involving three separate vehicles seemed to indicate that speed was a factor in the crash.  The events of the accident began with a semi-truck crashing into a median on I-90.  A driver of a pickup truck having observed what occurred then stopped to help the semi-driver out.