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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

How can I keep my new motorcycle tires in safe riding condition?

An independent person is someone who understands the importance of self-reliance. People who are independent are capable of being responsible for their own needs. Many motorcyclists possess the trait of independence

Right clothing helps decrease severity of motorcycle accidents

Some of the mystique carried by motorcyclists may be attributed to their attire. Marlon Brando was daring and dashing while wearing his leather jacket in “The Wild Ones.” But for all the enviable cool found in motorcycle clothing, there is also an important function. The correct clothing helps protect riders should they be in an accident.

How can I tell if a motorcycle is the right size for me?

A motorcycle is a great way to put some extra fun into getting around. However, motorcycle accidents have a potential for causing serious injury to riders. So, if you are someone who cannot resist the call to hop on a motorcycle and ride on down the road, then you must take precautions. 

Proper maintenance can help prevent motorcycle accidents

Montana motorcycle riders are privileged with an abundance of scenic routes on which to travel. But, when out and about, motorcyclists must always be on the alert for potential road hazards. Motorcycle accidents can result from many different causes. Some of these causes, such as negligent motorists or debris on the roadway, are out of the rider's control. But, accidents can also be caused by improper motorcycle maintenance.

Husband and wife severely injured in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle riders of Montana have it like no other riders in the United States. The roadway running through the big sky country sets everyone on a motorcycle ringside for some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable.

Montana motorcyclist hospitalized after crash with car

With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, motorcycle riders are taking the opportunity to fire up their bikes and get out on the road. Montana is a beautiful state and offers plenty of wide open spaces for riders to enjoy, but it’s important for bikers to stay alert. Motorcycle accidents are common here thanks in large part to motorists who are unaware or inattentive when it comes to sharing the road.

DUI and speed suspected in automobile motorcycle collision

Two motorcyclists were recently injured and taken to the hospital following a collision with an automobile. Non-life threatening physical injuries were suffered by the male motorcycle driver, but the female motorcycle passenger is in critical condition. The automobile driver is reported to be in stable condition. Police suspect the automobile driver of speeding and of being under the influence.

Montana driver jailed and ordered to pay amputee motorcyclist

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to injury than occupants of other vehicles on Montana's roads. While bikers should always be alert to other vehicles, drivers of trucks and cars also have to do their part and remain bike-aware. It goes without saying that drunk driving can severely diminish such awareness.

New safety light kit may prevent motorcycle accidents

Montana motorcyclists are often hit and injured because other drivers fail to check their side and rearview mirrors, and to carefully consider blind spots. With that in mind, extra precaution is vital for motorcyclists due to the lack of protection surrounding them. Clearly, when motorcycle accidents happen, they can lead to serious injuries.