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Divorce Archives

Protecting business from divorce may require giving up assets

Creating a business typically requires a large amount of energy and financial resources. Unfortunately, getting a divorce can put a wrench in existing business plans, particularly if two spouses run the business together. A couple of tips may be helpful for protecting a business in Montana regarding the dissolution of a marriage.

Retirement accounts require special attention during divorce

Getting through a marital split-up as quickly as possible is understandably the goal of many couples going through this type of family law proceeding. However, rushing through a divorce proceeding in Montana increases one's chances of making costly errors. One area that requires special thought involves retirement accounts.

Uncontested vs. contested divorce

In some situations, couples find themselves being able to live happily ever after. However, not everyone has that story. Divorce may be necessary if two spouses have drifted apart and have irreconcilable differences in the state of Montana, but whether the divorce ends up being uncontested or contested really depends on the couple.

Postnup can help to make divorce more amicable

Sometimes marriage ends up being more rocky than smooth, in which case divorce is unavoidable. The distribution of property and the handling of spousal support are a couple of the biggest areas of contention a couple may have while going through a divorce in the state of Montana. However, having a postnuptial agreement in place may help to make the process much more amicable.

Various options exist for divorce process

Each spouse has his or her own concerns and priorities during the dissolution of a marriage. Complicating matters even more is the fact that many matters must be addressed in the state of Montana, ranging from property division to potential spousal support. The divorce process can take one of many forms.

Financial aspect of divorce can be tricky to address

Dissolving a marriage can be a tricky endeavor due to the emotional and financial components of this legal process. However, being proactive may help to make the process less scary initially and easier to navigate. A few tips may help with addressing the financial aspect of divorce in the state of Montana.

Parents can make divorce process easier for the children

The dissolution of a marriage can be a painful process for everyone involved. That includes both the parents and the children. However, parents can take a few steps to prevent their children from suffering more emotional harm than necessary during a Montana divorce proceeding.

Now is perfect time for divorce spring cleaning

Spring is an ideal time to do some cleaning and rebuilding. This is essential no matter what a person's stage of life may be, but it is especially critical during or following a divorce. Understandably, doing some financial spring cleaning during a divorce in Montana can be overwhelming and intimidating at the outset, but a few tips may help to make the process easier.

Divorce mediation has multiple benefits

Ending a marriage requires filing a lawsuit, but traditional litigation is no longer necessary for working out the terms of the marital split-up in Montana. Instead, divorce mediation is becoming increasingly popular for resolving divorce-related disputes. This process involves using a neutral third party, known as a mediator, to facilitate the resolution of a couple's disputes.