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Pedestrian accidents when alcohol is a factor

Typically, when alcohol is a factor in a car-pedestrian accident, we assume it was the driver that was drunk. But what if the driver was fine and it was actually the pedestrian that had a few drinks? Fortunately, even with alcohol in their system, a pedestrian struck by a vehicle may be entitled to compensation.

Focus on recovery not medical bills

It's common for individuals that have been injured in a car accident to find themselves facing mounting medical debt, lost wages and disability. Personal injury attorneys have the experience and skill necessary to help those injured in car accidents receive the compensation they need to take their focus off mounting medical debt and put it where it belongs, on their recovery.

The danger increases when aggressive driving turns into road rage

Most of us have had our emotions tested while driving. It can be very frustrating when we are cut off or tailgated by another motorist. At such times, we have to take a deep breath and do our best to deal with the situation.

March is the month to recognize brain injury issues

The impact an auto collision can break bones and cause deep lacerations. Fortunately, if properly treated, most injuries can heal so the accident victim will eventually resume a normal life. But some injuries can leave victims with permanent physical damage.

Compensation critical for some brain injury victims

Being in an automobile collision can be an extremely jarring experience. It is only natural that in the moments following such an event a person would feel scared to the point of disorientation. It could be a challenge just to compose oneself and assess what happened.

What methods are used to check for TBI after an accident?

Traumatic brain injuries may occur due to an impact to the head or a piercing of the skull. TBI can result from many events, including falls and objects striking the head. Motor vehicle accidents are also responsible for many cases of TBI. And while TBI can be a very serious condition that requires long-term care, sometimes its symptoms are not readily apparent.

Alcohol: a major contributor to fatal accidents on Montana roads

Every year it seems that automobile manufactures add more safety features to their cars. So one would hope that all the expense and technology put toward these efforts would lead to a discernable decrease in the number of fatal accidents that occur every year on Montana's roads. Unfortunately, in the last years, this has not been the case. In fact, there has been a marked and disturbing increase in the number of deaths that have resulted from collisions on our state's thoroughfares.

How does loud music negatively affect drivers?

As everyone is likely aware, distracted driving is dangerous driving. Texting and cellphone use while driving has become a primary concern in recent years and with good reason. Still, there are other forms of distraction that drivers engage in. Some of these distractions have been in existence for much longer than the mobile devices that cause so much trouble.

Two killed and two injured in Montana when car crosses centerline

While driving on Montana roads during the daytime certainly has its challenges, driving at night and in the early morning hours can prove hazardous. During overnight hours, far too many of the drivers on the road are fatigued or even impaired. And even alert drivers, can find themselves in sudden danger. If this happens, avoiding a car accident may be impossible.

While driving in Yellowstone, which animals pose hazards?

The mountains, wildlife, thermal springs and other sights make a visit to Yellowstone National Park an unforgettable experience. Driving through the park can be great fun. But it is important to remember that the park's environment is not strictly meant to benefit human beings.