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Google claims no accidents caused by self-driving cars

What do accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers and fatigued drivers all have in common? Well, the cause of such accidents can be traced to human beings using questionable judgment behind the wheel. At present, cars must be operated by human beings and this means that car accidents are often the result of human errors.

Is caffeine an effective solution to driver drowsiness?

Getting plenty of sleep is important so we can effectively take on our many responsibilities. One of the most critical responsibilities that many of us share is driving safely. And while it is no secret that it is more likely for someone to be involved in an automobile accident if he or she drives while drowsy, many people still get behind the wheel lacking the rest they need.

Montana's highway fatalities down in 2014

With the start of a new year, we can now begin to look back and assess the events that transpired in 2014. Montana residents may be interested to learn that statistics indicate a downturn in the number of fatalities attributable to accidents on the state’s highways.

Alleged drunk driver causes havoc on Montana roadway

We all know how a snowstorm can make driving difficult on Montana roadways. When such conditions exist, it is important to take your time, drive defensively and look out for the other vehicles on the road in order to avoid accidents. One thing you don’t want to encounter is a driver who is driving in an aggressive or dangerous manner.

Pedestrian struck by pickup truck in Billings

In Billings, a 43-year-old man is currently nursing permanent injuries to his knee and face, with jeopardy to his eyesight that he suffered as a result of being struck by a pickup truck. He also suffered other injuries, including broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a bruised colon. The man will have to have surgery to treat his facial and knee injuries.

Mountain driving can cause problems for vehicles

Many roads in Montana offer a wonderful view of the state’s many mountains. And while the mountains do look spectacular from a distance, a more spectacular view can be had by those who traverse them. But mountain roads are often narrow and winding. Car accidents can easily occur in such conditions and drivers need to take precautions as they make a mountain trek.

Montana sees more fatal car accidents during summer months

Given the very difficult road conditions caused by weather in the winter, one might assume that Montana’s roadways would be safer to travel on during the summer months. But this is not the case; it is the summer that produces the highest number of deadly car accidents on Montana highways.

Montana's highway fatalities rose in 2013

The Montana Highway Patrol has released a report detailing the state’s accident statistics from 2013, and the news from this report is not great. Both the number of fatal accidents and the number of traffic deaths went up that year as compared to the previous year.