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Posts tagged "Medical Malpractice"

Use of anesthesia connected to death of Joan Rivers

Recently, a report was released by the New York City medical examiner regarding the death of comedian Joan Rivers. This post is a follow up to a summary of the case that we wrote previously. What is now known, according to the report, is that Ms. Rivers's death was due to brain damage caused by a shortage of oxygen. The complications occurred when she was undergoing a scoping procedure on her upper gastrointestinal tract at the time of the incident.

Clinic issues statement regarding death of famous comedian

Earlier this month, well-known comic Joan Rivers died. The 81-year-old Ms. Rivers had earlier undergone an elective endoscopy procedure at a clinic in Manhattan. While at the clinic, Ms. Rivers experienced medical complications and went into cardiac arrest. She was taken to a hospital where, a week later, she died.

What elements must be present to prove doctor negligence?

We must place a great deal of trust in the doctors who are tasked with seeing to our health and well-being. Fortunately, most of the time this trust is well founded and we receive the care we need. However, there is always a chance that a doctor may not provide a patient with proper care.

Medical malpractice suit filed in jail birth and subsequent death

When you think of medical malpractice suits in Montana, you generally think of hospitals and doctor's offices and not jail, right? But medical negligence can happen almost anywhere. Being denied medical attention in any setting can amount to medical malpractice, as a recent case in Texas demonstrates.

Medical complications put dental patient in semi-coma

Getting and maintaining good oral health is an important part of having good overall medical health. Though jokes abound about visits to the dentist's office, few expect the “nightmare” of a dental visit to turn into the nightmare of medical complications. One family is now going through what one member calls a “hellish ordeal.” This is due to his daughter ending up in a coma from what should have been a routine wisdom tooth extraction.

How does Montana rank in medical malpractice payouts?

How much are Americans being awarded in malpractice cases against medical professionals? Data have just been released that may be interesting to anyone considering filing a lawsuit against a doctor in Montana.

Medical malpractice: $7.5 million awarded in nerve damage case

Doctors play a critical role in the health of our society. We trust the advice of doctors on serious issues concerning our health and hope our physicians make very cautious assessments. If a medical caregiver makes surgical errors when operating on a patient or fails to make a correct diagnosis, it is important the responsible party is held accountable for his or her mistakes. Losing a loved one or having a relative become permanently injured due to a medical mistake can be devastating for any family.

Montana is ranked as one of the worst states for emergency care

We trust doctors and medical staff with our lives, and we never dream of the possibility of medical malpractice happening to us or to our loved one. The chance of medical malpractice occurring may be higher now as the 2014 state rankings and report cards for emergency care indicate.

Robotic device malfunction leads to medical malpractice verdict

Two individuals now residing in Montana were awarded more than $100,000 concerning a medical malpractice lawsuit.  The jury awarded the couple $10,500 for medical expenses.  An additional $100,000 was awarded concerning compensation for physical pain and mental anguish.